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Mission Briefing

The Mission Briefing is a weekly battle plan for daily disciplines.

Biblical Disciplines

Mission Briefing | Week 1

Heads up soldiers! Here’s your mission for the coming week.

Spiritual Disciplines

Mission Briefing | Week 2

ATTENTION! This week’s Mission Briefing has landed.

Mission Briefing

Mission Briefing | Week 3

ATTENTION! This week’s Mission Briefing has landed.

Bible Study Guides

Shape & Sharpen 5-Step Study Guide

This is the study guide we will use for all the family Bible studies posted to the site. There are 5 questions to ask of the text, which are designed to help us find the author’s main point as well as help us discover who God is, what He has done for us in the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how we ought to respond.


The RANSOM method is recommended by Joe Thorn and Jimmy Fowler of the Doctrine & Devotion podcast and Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles, Illinois.

1. Read

Read the passage of Scripture slowly and carefully. Read it multiple times and in different translations if you can.

2. Ask

Ask questions about the text. All of the questions in the Shape & Sharpen 5-Step Study Guide are good questions to ask.

3. Note

As you work through the passage, note the main idea, key words/phrases, repititions and doctrines being emphasized.

4. Summarize

Think carefully through everything you have noted so far and then summarize the main idea of the passage in your own words.

5. Obey

Ask yourself, “What would obedience to this passage look like in my life?” What do I need repent of and what do I need to believe?

6. Meditate

Try to memorize the key verse(s) of the text you have studied. Think about what you have learned during the day and pray about it.

HEAR Journal

The HEAR journal method is good for personal devotions and drawing application from your reading. Ideal for making the most out of your daily Bible reading. Get yourself a journal and write a brief response to your readings as per the HEAR outline.

1. H(ighlight)

Identify a single verse or statement from the text as the focus of your reading

2. E(xplain)

Explain what is being said and what the point of the verse or passage is.

3. A(pply)

Apply the point to your own life and write down what God is teaching you.

4. R(espond)

Write down a prayer to God, thank Him for what He has taught you and ask for His help.

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